Cinnamon Apple (ft.Kevin Hart)

My cinnamon apple, you know you did me wrong
My cinnamon apple, said you know you did me wrong

Look I wanna take y'all back to 7th grade, middle school
Skinny kid that everybody knew
I was a lil' cool
Had my intial ring, gold chain, my lil' jewels
What was more than most had so I never got ridiculed
This was '89, matter fact it was '90
Crack was already huge, the streets start getting grimey
But I wasn't in that world then
I'm 13, all I'm thinkin' bout is nike's, basketball and my girlfriend
Yeah, who at the time was tia williams

And she had no idea that one day I would see a million
This is a teengae love, few months but we was buildin'
She was grown, I was the man but we was children
She had ass though, I mean for her age or whatever
She wore my ring some times like we engaged or whatever
And this the "no, you hang up first" dial tone era
Your mom's pick up and say "hang up my house phone" era
And I hated that, how you gon' scream in my baby ear
That pretty lil' brown skin girl with the baby hair
As we was going steady, my sex drive was so andretti
She a virgin but I feel like it's time, I know she ready
He ain't got much experience, but she don't know that

That boy's chance is coming up, I hope he don't blow that
I'm waiting for the opportunity, mama at work
Start with a kiss, then I'm in her shirt, next I'm in her skirt
You know that always heard that the first time gonna hurt
That's what she heard from her cousin, 'lotta told her it doesn't
And so to me, it's just a matter of time
That tia gon' give it up to me and that'll be mine
But one day I was absent, I came back to school
Learned that, I left the man but I came back the fool

They said that "tia did some bullshit, I mean did y'all speak?"
She cut school, lost her virginity, some kid named khalif
An I'm stuck... Like what the fuck?
I ain't hear that my girl did what?
But had to act like I ain't care
Felt like I wanted to cry, but nah I ain't tear
That first time I learned that trust ain't a must if I ain't there
And of course we broke up, she moved on, I did the same
I ended up with some next girl, forget her name
Which probably isn't right, cause we used to get along
But I remember tia, cause she did me wrong

And you gon' leave me, for some fuckin nigga? Huh?! I thought you loved me.
You was supposed to be my cinnamon apple. My cinnamon apple!
Baby you gon' leave me for some nigga! Huh for some nigga!
Get out of the car bitch. You gon' leave me?! You grimey son

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Quando a música “Cinnamon Apple (ft.Kevin Hart)” foi lançada por Fabolous?
A música Cinnamon Apple (ft.Kevin Hart) foi lançada em 2014, no álbum “The Young OG Project”.

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