Another Angle On Angling


I'm wandering through this vast environment
Observing each individual scene
Searching, wanting to ease the hunger
A blackened home that was once green

Suddenly dangling just before me
A squirming object resembling food
My jaws agape, I chomp down hard
Then unbearable pain and gushing blood

This food fights back with it's sharpened tooth
My mouth is torn as I try to escape
I feel myself being pulled upward
Towards the place which seals my fate

As I'm dragged out of my habitat
The scenery changes drastically
I gasp for air, I cannot breath
A giant then wrenches the hooked tooth free

On the verge of death, my gills on fire
The giant raises its monstrous fin
My life it flashes before my eyes
As the club comes down and my life it ends...

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