The Germans Are Out Today

Its dark in the car
we're deep in the garden of england
its dark in the car
they're all asleep but you and me
there's time to talk
we're only on holiday
and I think you said this to me

The germans are out today
they won the war you know
I didn't look for salvation
but,boy I found it there
in and RAF bunkhouse
I borrowed a bible
the fellow who owned it
wanted it shared

Outside a locked door
in front of a dusty store
outside a locked door
we talked through the drunken singing in the rain
there's no time talk
not while we're standing here
but even now I thought I heard you say

Hey it don't last forever
hey were we there together
its so dark in this prism life
take back the years
hold back the tears
on all of these days
that might not have been there at all

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