Day Glo Abortions

i was born and bred to kill.
to execute at my king's will.
i shit and eat and sleep
death. i could not believe
what they did to me... i
still had a boner when we did
it after three... oh!! what's
haunting me in their beedy
little eyes the reflection is
of me. they brand me with an
x to slice out life from
flesh. i was born and bred to
kill. the casket underneath
is what i must fill... i will
outlive the rest. their blood
was mine. for him i feed, not
the son of sam but demon
seed. i still believe that i
am drunk on speed. i'm a
reflection of that bfg named
steve. we are both cheap
drunks and we like to smoke
our weed. indeed i do what i
feel doesn't please me!

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A música “Executioner” de Dayglo Abortions foi composta por Day Glo Abortions.

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