At the Seams


1st verse
Please Dont fall in love with me, I'm not the woman I used to be- Emotionally kicked and beaten,
battle scars hidden deep within- All the pain bleeding thru my eyes- No escaping out of this wretched skin-
Voices drowning every single thought- Little girl lost, confused, my dreams are shot
Make me believe again see again, be again....alive
2nd Verse
A Glance in the mirror, hate what I've become- This washed out version of my former self-
A human defect,the passion drained and gone- Unrecognized by anyone- Locked out of reality -no relief in sight-
Days Fly By, madness seeps into the night- Floating into a demented state- Drowning slowing into an uncertain fate-
Wanna Believe Again See Again, Be again.....alive
3rd verse
All my fears and nightmares have all come true- Theres nothing me, you or God could do-
Cataclysmic torment bursting at the seams- A fairytale ending is what I need- So if you're here to pardon my plight-
Then be ready for a hell of a fight- Renew my faith in this bitter cold world- Craving the day that I'm someones special girl-
Gotta Believe Again See Again, Be Again....alive

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