[Chorus: Darkim Be Allah]
Peace to Queens, New York City
They wildin, Shaolin, New York City
And crooks in, Brooklyn, New York City
And problems, Harlem, New York City
Representin the Bronx, New York City
Representin the Bronx, New York City

[Darkim Be Allah]
My clan melt it, the last man killed it
White collar money, get piltered
Street corner, fourty's get tilted
Yo, spark that, when I speak math, don't remark back
and start that shit, 'Pac you got heart infinite
I hit like nine millimeter, so the Adidas
Put fear God, in none believers
It's jumped off, let your head down
Take your Pumps off, niggas get it started
To the lock-down and the party
To all of my niggas, fame blown, came home touchin case
Thugs on the block, duckin strays
Purple haze highed up, right up
Jumped out the wood, hoes look sharp
Niggas get shook, hearts took, crooks
Street crimin-al, learn his game as a juvenile
Money in the fame, for the meanwhile
Style like Priest and Tommy, The east coast and 'nomic
You want that uncut, fuck with Donnie
I'm priceless, separate the men from the mices
Name of the game on my dices
See me bowlin, we got to know when to roll 'em
And when to hold 'em, when to walk, when to do the Jesse Owens
Donnie Banks, count what I'm holdin at the table
These niggas bust shots in your name brand
Holes through your label, snatch all the ice off your cable


[Darkim Be Allah]
Before I murk out, pull a bird out
Blew his shirt out, put the heard out, do my work-out
Just in case I'm in a place, no shells to replace
I still spark flame, knuckle game to the face
and haste, I leave him with his out-line traced up
Do his ace up, laced up from the waist up
The bound took my bass up, adjustin the treble
Boom with my volume on the highest level
The devil can't stop me, brawl like Rocky
Strained like they drinked cocaine out of poppi
You look sloppy, tryin to fuck with the all 'n' all
You can't copy, better duck nigga
All of y'all'll call for help
I'ma go out for 'self, if it get too thick
the whole click get felt, never knealt
Never lost my belt, cuz I'm lethal
You ain't my equal, talk to your people

[Chorus 2X]

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