Stronger Than Death

Leonel Valdez / Mario Linhares

Walk with me now to a journey in solitude
Towards the heart, where the shadow lies within

Out from the mud that grounds your sorrows
You must build a safe way
To cross the bridge of doubt and fear that lies ahead

“Where is the light? Who should I follow?”
You might ask me; in vain.

Then you will find you won’t need anything
To enlighten the way

Smile! Make your own way
To a place where’s worth living
Be stronger than death
None can dream somebody else’s dream

Find out yourself
Step by step cross the door
No one’s gonna see you,
No one’s gonna hear
If you cry your fears out loud

Refrain from sorrows, refrain from sorrows
“Once in pain, stay as quick as you can”

Curiosidades sobre a música Stronger Than Death de Dark Avenger

Quando a música “Stronger Than Death” foi lançada por Dark Avenger?
A música Stronger Than Death foi lançada em 2013, no álbum “Tales of Avalon: The Lament”.
De quem é a composição da música “Stronger Than Death” de Dark Avenger?
A música “Stronger Than Death” de Dark Avenger foi composta por Leonel Valdez e Mario Linhares.

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