The Struggle

I spend my life on the move, my life on the road
Town to town, city to city, time zone to time zone
Success keeps you busy so I can't complain how life is
But in a life like this you tend to develop some vices

My wife is my life and I'd never cheat on her
But there are one or two things that I do keep from her
I have my addictions, or rather my addictions have me
Sometimes the shadow of my shadow is all I can be

I find myself alone in different hotel rooms
Just me and my thoughts and that milk-stained moon
I'm drawn to walk the streets as my heart rate rises
A heavy coat, a scarf, a hat, all become my disguises.

I've made it known that I suffer from nosebleeds and migraines
To explain the occasional mood swings and blood stains
There's over a thousand people murdered in this world each day
So as I drift from town to town nobody looks my way

It's an addiction, and I ain't proud of it
But the power that you feel there's no clouding it.
The fear before the fact, as they know something's wrong
The vain attempts to scream their muffled swan song
The struggle, the shock in their eyes,
My grip around their throat as all their hope dies
That sudden loss of breath, there is no thrill equal,
My name is Johnny Depp and I kill people.

The Fear
The Scream
The Struggle
The Shock

You fuckers never saw it coming, who'da thunk it or thought it?
You'd be ignored like the ramblings of a drunk if you'd report it
My performances are greeted with plaudits and laughter
If you caught me red handed you'd probably think it's stigmata

Success sucks less than standard existence
But when you exceed that standard dreams, what becomes of ambitions?
The average man can dream dreams of a path he's never walked
But when that path's your day to day, your dreams become warped

The Fear
The Scream
The Struggle
The Shock

People underestimate the value of dreaming
That which you aspire to provides a roof, a ceiling
In particular the dreams that there's no way of achieving
Like I wanna be Brad Pitt or something equally fleeting

I can't aspire to such things so deeper I must delve
And then the only guide I have to life becomes myself
This was always going to happen, in fact I'd be surprised if I'm the first
This kind of success and power is bound to bring out the worst

With success comes power and great success has been given me
And with great power... comes great fuck-a-bility
I'm a good husband though, I've never cheated on my wife
Despite opportunities I live a monogamous life

My addictions manifest in a darker form
If the heart is a house, I have a blood stained lawn
My public portraits immaculate but there's blood on the easel
My name is Johnny Depp and I kill people

The Fear
The Scream
The Struggle
The Shock

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