Allt För Dej

They are hiding at dinnerparties
Behind worried faces
They can make you a hero
Or a disgrace to the human race
They can win or lose
You loose your life or your senses
They load you with arms
Still your mind is fenceless
Say no
Tell you won't go
That's the law they told him
It can't be true
He's as right
But the law justifies you
He will crawl for you
Fight your war
He will kill for you
A legal murder force
And I pay you for it
To see him executed
Whatever you say
I won't take your excuses
Couse in my womb
There's a survivor
But can't give life
Cause I feel like a traitor
There's no rebel no more
Even the rebel is bought
He used to stand up to the authorities
Now he doesn't stand at all
So we're stuck in the corner
Our faces to the wall
I blush for insanity
Die of shame for us all
Say no
Tell you won't go
That the law they told me
It can't be true
I'm as right
But the law justifies you
Common sense you've heard that
I don't think so
You make rules so we should
Dance on our toes
We crawl for you
Fight your wars
Against people
Who are slaves under the sam law
But this is it
Won't take no more
But you can't stop us all

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