We Live This Shit

I'm bout as crazy as Mike Tyson is
A fallen raspler from out the raspers that bounce twice a live
Rollm blindfolded on the Eisenbridge
And dom driveby's on ____ slice this
Dwellm from police, vice and pigs
Sphk the Mellow bitch from out the vice with trigs
Tell Shyne that nigga ain't as nice as BIG
And I'ma jab at his __ like some spicy ribs
Well it's you true ganz man
This is yo last chance to test yoself
Vou get dumped in a trashcan Bitch, how's ya doe
I'll be lurkm like second hand smoke
I'm snatchm throats as soon as I find that rollt
Vou get drug like that nigga from Texas
Twelve noon in the subdivision
In the back of __ Lexus
So you can get this message
Bitches wouldn't listen
See I shitted on that cop when the nigga caught me pissm
[Kon Artist]
Yo, yo, you came to ball with me
Nigga please get on yo six back
Started of smgm and personally you should switch back
Or get hit with a brick in your back
Find your button jabbed, cut up in the back of my Pomtiac in a nap-sack
Denaun don't be bullshittm with y'all
I hang with fellons and all I gotto make is a call
They lether witdrawl
Blast from a nigga with guns
Watch grabble crawl and and hide the body behind the drywalls
r r • i_v _M_ .M_ •
Vo, yo I'm a walkm timebomb
With a destructive radius
Packm guns with nucleair tempbullets and stadiums
Streetsmart, runnm you over with shopping cards
Coppm darks, fill em up with amonia and started off
I'ma said it, hcken off more shots then diabetics
Even shootm the paramedic for bem sympathetic
(I bring at you) Known for wreckless dnvm and carcrashm
(Ey yo we mashm) Takm your momma's car w

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