Thus Spoke The Master

When nothing was all
I was already in the void
I was, am and shall be
When you have long been destroyed

My names are feared by the weak
But the strong always worship me
I am darkness and bring you light
I am slavery and set you free

I inspire the chosen elite
Of your miserable human race
Who achieve works of greatness
Who dare look into my face

Many of you deny me blindly
Because you don't dare pray to me
I am death and therefore life
Without me you wouldn't be

I am the pain in the heart of him
Whose name I cannot speak
I am the terror of the pious
The vilest horrors of the meek

I am eternal hatred
I am fire and I am ice
I have thousands of names
I only laugh at your puny cries

I expose the white-light hypocrisy
But knowledge has a price
You are man, you are nothing
Worship me or perish in lies

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