Motel Lights

Cooder Graw

Little did she know
The ring wouldn?t go
With him out to the bar
Newlyweds, barely out of bed
And now he?s leaving in another girl?s car
She should?ve known
When she took him home
And stole him from another
He?d do the same thing with a wedding ring
And leave it a lover
She thought she could change all of the things
That kept him out at night
But even gold can?t hold a man
Who sold his home for motel lights
Now these motel lights flicker outside my door
Well I guess I deserve everything I get and more
And that vacancy reminds me of what I?ve got in store
As these motel lights flicker outside my door
He sells a lie she still wants to buy
But that can?t last for long
Who wants to wait at home all day
For a man who never wants to come home
She can?t keep the faith at home all day
And her mind begins to stray
She starts to think about having a drink
At a little place down the way
She can?t believe she?s about to leave the home
She tried to build
But she gets in a car with a man from the bar
Up to her neck in guilt

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