Two Of The Usual

Fred Carter, Jr.

We had just set our wedding day and I took you home
And went to a quiet place to celebrate alone
Then I heard your laughter and turned in time to see
You enter with someone a stranger to me

Two of the usual I heard him say
Two of the usual in a two familiar ways
The truth has no mercy or kindness it seems
For two of the usual just shattered my dreams

My body was trembling down to my fingertips
With your goodnight kisses still warm on my lips
I sat there in darkness alone and afraid
And my world turned to pieces at the order he gave
Two of the usual...

Curiosidades sobre a música Two Of The Usual do Conway Twitty

Quando a música “Two Of The Usual” foi lançada por Conway Twitty?
A música Two Of The Usual foi lançada em 1967, no álbum “Country”.
De quem é a composição da música “Two Of The Usual” do Conway Twitty?
A música “Two Of The Usual” do Conway Twitty foi composta por Fred Carter, Jr..

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