She's So Evil

look in the mirror
time is standing still
a fool of love is my likeness
I can't believe that it's true
her thoughts made by terror
and the lies she was telling me
blinding my eyes and my brain
I thought I was losing my mind
I hope time gives me an answer
for a better life without her
the painted devil is laughing
about the fool of her love
she is evil and it's hard to see
that you are fooling yourself
you can't hide away
there's nothing more to say
she is evil take a look in my heart
it's open like a book
if you don't want to try
I kiss you goodbye
I have no chance to live
being a victim of her love
it's a shame to kill the feeling
only for her stupid pride
standing in the gutter
the bottle is my only friend
live my life as a friar
and hope it will find the end
I pick up the pieces of myself
and start a new part of my life
no bitter tears, no shame, no cry
no deep devotion for a witch
she is evil and it's hard to see

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