We Don't Have Pray

Her little heart beats so fast
You can almost hear it breakin' down the hall
As we fight the final round
Sounds like we're tearin down the walls
He packs a bag screams goodbye
I yell wait as he walks out the door
Then form the lips of a child
I found wisdom that I've never heard before

she said momma let him go
We don't have to pray about that anymore
Momma pull yourself together we've all survived the war
Momma let him go we don't have to pray about that anymore
That one's been answered amen praise the lord

yesterday she was a baby in my arms
Now just look at her holdin me together
As I fall apart
It turned out that the best for he
Wound up to be the best for me
Guess you never got too old to learn
You can't be to young to teach


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