Steel Breath

Steel lighting rides roman skies
Rolling blades run into the light
Fire eater crawls from the dark
Let shining begins!

Can you see around us the steel breath of Destroyer
It could wither you with only a glance
in the time of a breath
The great beast is everywhere
It sneaks in your fears
from warm wind that's rising to every noise you hear
in the lands of the flames

Its black scales are blazing on the bark of the trees
Take the hand of Caesar and by the speed of light
a nuclear rain will burn so bright in your spine

It's tongue of fire shoots you as a thunderbolt
The gunner of the storm is as heavy as the steel
It can gulp down you off the reel
Into the minds he's biting
while the Hell grows under world
The pain for souls is coming
You've got the blood from holy war
The gun of Destroyer is up high

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