Requiem, requiem, anthem of a death
Requiem, requiem, last hymn, last prayer, last breath

No more to touch the flesh that burns
No more to rise in ecstasy
Farewell the sweet and golden time
The wine of rose and fantasy
Left behind are dreams of light
Now that the flame is lost and dead
The thread of being curls away
Like smoke above the ashen bed

Now the dance is almost done
A final graceless sarabande
The rhythms of existence cease
Time has stilled the drummers hand
In vain the tune will call you now
The silent, empty house will burn
The dust from which you came reclaims you
As to dust all must return

Lust for life and loving fled
Sweat stained passion cannot stay
Sands of time for doubt and pain
Through grasping fingers slips away
Only memory remains
To touch the heart and mind and soul
A glimpse of peace, a benediction
Heal the wounds and make us whole

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