I'm Going Home

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Heaven isn't so far away as people say
I got a home high in my heart
Heaven is right where I come from
I never throw it away
I know the place and I'm goin' home

I'm going home

See up there it's not the same
they know your name
and I'm not ashamed to need it
I'm going home

You can keep a-knocking
but I'm not coming out of this state I'm in
I'm travelling right, I'm gonna get there soon
I'm standing up praying, I'm singing
saying Heyo ha ha heyo hey ya
I know the way and I'm going home

I'm going home
That's where the heart can rest
The best is there
and only a fool would leave it
I'm going home

I'm going home
I been around I been to town
Hey, where you think I learned right from wrong?
I'm going home

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