Chalk It Up

I spent the best years of my life, Staring down the wrong end of the pipe
Killing time and filling up, With these fake ambitions
Face down at the crossroads of my life, Soured by the years filled with bitter spite
Another goddamn clich drunken night, I'm still young but I feel like I could die
There's got to be a way, To get away from here
Struggling day by day, Chalking up another year

Can some one tell me what life means, Do the ends ever justifie the means
When you know, that they know, that you know, that you're wrong
You take all your pity and want to go home
But you cannot deny, All the dreams you may someday realize
And you sweat, and you spit, and you binge, and you pierce through the skin
Just to know that you're alive

What keeps me sane as my hopes are crushed and my dreams fade away

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