Hey, you already know mayn
Down in H-Town how we do it, when we do it
We do it big, talk to em mayn

We rolling candy cars, watch them 84's swang
We sipping on that bar, and we're leaning mayn
I got diamonds on my wrist, and diamonds all in my grill
Houston Texas where I live, and I keep it trill

[Chris Ward:]
Southside's still holding, Southside's still strolling
Southside's still rolling, and hey we ain't going
Nowhere naw mayn, no time soon
In fact we gon be out all night, just like the moon
I'm a Y.S.P. nigga, fly as can be nigga
In a old school Impala, cocked up on three nigga
One in the air swanging, one on the back hanging
Trunk just banging, me I'm just swanging
Lane to lane, with the top underneath the car
I'm a Southside, superstar
Fresh cups po'd up, soda mix nice with bar
I'm a Mobstyle, outlaw
I'm respected in these streets, protected in these streets
From the South to the North, I'm connected in these streets
So when you see us coming through, in those DTS's
And CTS's, just know we be the freshest in H-Town


[Chris Ward:]
I'm sitting low but large, backing out the garage
In a brand new fountain blue, Bentley Anage
What the neighbors see, is not a mirage
I'm on my way so shall I say, bon voyage
Cause I'm a wood wheel handler, boulevard scrambler
Big money gambler, ask your girl Tamala
When I pull up on side, of your ride in my ride
Fa sho, it's well known I'm prone to damage ya
Hopping out Gucci down, from the head to the ground
Cause you already know, how we do it in H-Town
And the ride I'm riding in, got screens all in it
Bitches on dick, they wanna be seen all in it
I mean my team is strong, my bling is grown
I'm a hustler look at me, my green is long
So when you see me in these streets, doing my thang
Just know that young C. Ward, is balling and parlaying mayn


[Chris Ward:]
You see I'm dismissing the top, on a sunny Sunday
Acting a iz-ass, for H-A-Dub-K
So I swang's and I swang, and I swang to the left
Pop my trunk, for Big H.A.W.K.'s death
And you already know, that's why we rolling slow
Slim Thee next to me, and he rolling dro
V-I in the back sleep, off a potent fo'
Mobstyle and Boss Hogg, we so fa sho
And when we glow, you could see our blingy-bling
All these beautiful bright pink stones, in the pinky ring
I mean they don't call this, a pinky ring for nothing
So holla at me, if you don't know the meaning of stunting
And if you real, you can get rich with me
And if not, we gon put you out your misery
And this track here, has been officially
Stamped signed and sealed, by Chris Ward and Mr. Lee


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