Dieter Bohlen

If I talk in my sleep and I talk in my dream
I'm just a fool for you
Oh I'm under your spell, baby and it seems
All this in heaven too

Oh, I'm that guy who takes the pain
Behind closed doors you'll lie again
The light shot diamonds from your eyes tonight

It's history, there is enough for you and me
I promised myself to you, for sure my baby
Oh, I swear you can't ignore
History, I justify my love is free
There is enough, my heart, for sure my lady
That's what lovers living for

Oh, you took all my love and you took all my soul
I'm just a jealous guy
Oh, I drown in my tears when I lose control
There is no reason why
Oh, there's a heart with no name
And you are playing tricks again
The light shot diamonds from your eyes tonight

Curiosidades sobre a música History de Blue System

Quando a música “History” foi lançada por Blue System?
A música History foi lançada em 1993, no álbum “Backstreet Dreams”.
De quem é a composição da música “History” de Blue System?
A música “History” de Blue System foi composta por Dieter Bohlen.

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