I'm writing from the deepest cave
Shouting from this humid nest
Details in death certifications are rare and obscene
You wouldn't believe what they said about you
but you cannot defend yourself
From 5 to 10 it's 9 today and these slow notices kill

Don't see me walk right through me
Don't hear me I'll stop shouting
Won't you pass this tree from the other side
We don't have to meet

Whales and penguins together in the sea
A bath-tub filled with distilled urine - a bath every morning
head down - Watch me dive right down
Don't like the way to greet friends who accuse anonymously
It's free but sour when ever they pick up their phones to complain

Don't see me walk right through me
Cannot hear a word you say
Now you've got a problem with it
For I have to live with it, yeah

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