Naked Flame


There's a place in my heart where you used to be
There's a pain, deep inside, don't want the world to see
Nothing, but emptiness, once there was your caress
I was touched by your naked flame

Now, it was hard sometimes, those things that we went through
But believe me when I'd say, I would never mean to hurt you
I hold the memory of holding you next to me
In my arms like a naked flame

Think it over before you break my heart
Think it over before the crying starts
Then we can say goodbye to the tears

I should have known that this time was a coming
But if you ever need me, I'll come a running home to you
There's a place in my dreams where we used to meet
But there's no one around now, it's just an empty street

I hold the memory of holding you close to me
In my arms, like a naked flame
In my heart, burns a naked flame

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