The Meek

Bad Brains / Darryl Jenifer / Dr. Know / Phil Hudson

Jah Children.
Jah children.
Yeah the meek shall inherit the earth.
Jah children.
The meek shall inherit the earth.
Why must the Rasta live this way.
The creator has shown us a better way.
So why must I n'I fight each other.
With unity and love for your brother, there's always a better day.
In due season each will pay according to works that they have done on earth today.
So I n'I.
We shall live in truth.
His majesty.
His majesty has shown us a better way.

Curiosidades sobre a música The Meek de Bad Brains

Quando a música “The Meek” foi lançada por Bad Brains?
A música The Meek foi lançada em 1983, no álbum “Rock For Light”.
De quem é a composição da música “The Meek” de Bad Brains?
A música “The Meek” de Bad Brains foi composta por Bad Brains, Darryl Jenifer, Dr. Know e Phil Hudson.

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