The Willy

Look at me, into the eyes of a stranger
If they see us heads will roll
Look at you, your life's a failure
And the dolls have taken control

I'm alive and your ending shines
I've never felt before that life's this grand
'Though blood is drawn I chase the dawn
The view is pretty from where I stand
On the battlefield, you'll be my shield
I'd like to love you but you turn to sand
I choose to be your enemy
I'm just pretty if you understand

Slaughter me; I'm in need of killings
And tender love is all we need
Slaughter me, so I can lose the feelings
That caresses me until I bleed

They masturbate, just want to mate
Seeing your face, they seal your fate
They've tried to love, I'll rise above

You fall to the ground deep below
You're my rock star fantasy
You're everything I want to be
You are my star
My way of saying: "I hate myself"

Pray for me, He won't hear me
He's to busy being a god
Pray to me, no salvation is easy
When you're caught up loving a fraud

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