The Curse of Soil and Blood

You would be of the parasite breed
Who defile this earth
Who crawl and wallow
Impregnate your wombs with greed
Text book herds
To come to follow

See you not the profound imbalance
Uproot your trees
To harvest the fruits
You hold no hope
Through my eyes
I endeavour to exhume
The withered hand
Of justice

And amidst the chaos
Only the honourable of heart
Step forward with grace
To leave their mark

It's a curse
On the hearts of my kind
Faith I have
In the fall of the blind

It seems we are
The vultures of your pain
A monolith drawn forth
From the dark
Synthesized believers
Of demise
Your overgrowth chokes the blooms
With frightful accuracy
And compliance
A fight for stature
Among the maimed
The dwarfed acquire beauty
To overcome their commonplace
This is the cycle of your life
Or have you established
A piece of mind
In order to survive

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