I Want Quiet

All i want is quiet
No reason to deny it
I can't take this riot
Quiet, quiet quiet!
Let me clarify it
The noise i can't defy it
I think i will not buy it
Give me quiet, quiet quiet!
Now to nullify it
I just won't stand by it
I want quiet quiet quiet!
Dot: ah.....
(cow moos while noisly eating grass)
(a catipillar noisily eats leaves)
(a hoot owl hoots)
(a cricket chirps)
I want quiet quiet quiet!!!
This search i can't deny it
To find some peace and quiet
To search high and low
It must be quiet quiet quiet!
(dot travels to scotland)
(bagpipes start playing)
(dot travels to paris)
(dot enters a church)
Ah such peace, such joy)
(church bell rings loudly)
(dot travels to rome)
(dot finally ends in tibet)
Yoo hoo
I thought i wanted quiet
I thought i could apply it
But now that i have tried it.....
I'm sick and tired of quiet
(dot pulls out a jambox and plays a rock version of the animaniacs theme)

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