Do You See Me Now?

Chris Rehn / Sarah Jezebel Deva

Hate the reflection that I see
Wish I could claw... away... my skin

Demons wont let me flee, my minds tragedy
Dont label me, not a minority
Society created me

First cuts the neatest, I didn´t feel a thing
Don´t show me your pity
Second cuts the deepest, a release from within
Don´t try to analise me

Carve pretty pictures of hatred
Avert your eyes, my artwork doesn´t lie

Refuse to acknowledge me
I´m not what you want to see
So inject & study me
Pump me with hypocrisy

Third cuts the longest, I just lost controll
No doctor can save me
Forth cuts the boldest, I´ve an eye for detail
Don´t try to admit me

My condition has no name
It´s not like im insain
Re-direct your empathy

My bodies my vengance
I´m addicted to pain
No one understands me

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