School Day

Wake up late for school,
Wish I could sleep s'more.
Forgot to do my homework,
That's why my grades are poor.
Stumble outta bed,
Struggle to get dressed.
Find less than perfect clothes,
don't need to look my best.

Don't pity me,
You don't understand.
To you I'm in a distant land.
I maybe different,
But I feel too.
Just like the way,
the way you do

Sitting in class,
Drawing in a notebook,
Talking to my friends,
Making weekend plans.
Lunch bell rings.
We rush to eat.
Forgot my lunch,
Don't want school mystery meat.


School bell rang.
Dance is tonight.
Don't have a date.
Girl in the hallway.
I asked her anyway,
She kept on walking,
Geuss it wasn't my



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