Santa Maria

Once in a year, it was far beyond our time
Armies of warriors searched for a land
Legends tell about an old man praying

So many souls painful had to die
Always the craving won the other things
Victims, screams, innocent blood was spread... in vain

Santa Maria, lost in the deep ocean
Bring us to the promised land, we will fight and win...
Santa Maria, you that you have seen a lot
Passed so many harbours and the conquest will be yours...
Santa Maria!

One day the clouds hid the sun and brought the dark
A strong new army started their offens
Kings of Alsion lets rise our swords!

With our strength, our frigate, our faith
We?ll beat all enemies who try to bring us down
We know it will be a mortal combat...

From the valleys and abyss of darkness
Rised one night this strange ghosty frigate
Ready to keep on it all these armies
Kings of Alsion - shout the battlescream
"Lets win the war to get back our promised land... Santa Maria!"

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