Hide Child

Andy Cousin / Julianne Regan / Mark Price / Marty Wilson-Piper

I can see through you beyond the curtain
Inside, inside you
Winter is with you, ice in your eyes
This cold night, cold night

Hide child, I am but a breath away
Hide child, as you turn your face away
Hide child, everything is clear to me
Hide child, somebody be near me... bye bye.

Evening lingers so I am alone now
So tired, so tired
Finding that my disappointment
Is the only way to follow
The light, the light

Hide child, shadows are your only friend
Hide child, as the shape of night descends
Hide child, the rain around me
Makes me want to cry child,
Tell you about me.

Some things you choose
You can't make up your mind
So you lose it in time, in time

Hide child, quietly behind the door
Hide child, who can I be looking for
Hide child, somewhere there I can't be sure
Hide child, the room is empty,
Slow down....
Slow down....

Curiosidades sobre a música Hide Child de All About Eve

De quem é a composição da música “Hide Child” de All About Eve?
A música “Hide Child” de All About Eve foi composta por Andy Cousin, Julianne Regan, Mark Price e Marty Wilson-Piper.

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