Carl James


[Verse 1:]
I can't imagine livin without you (without you)
My world would just stop spinnin without you (ooo without you)
Floating on a cloud each time you say my name
I wanna scream out loud your drivin me insane (drivin me crazy baybe)

Each Time You Call I Wana Fall
Deeper and Deeper and Deeper
Each Time We Kiss Um Fellin It
Deeper and Deeper and Deeper
When You Luv Me Like You Do Baby
Wana Give My All To You (Come In)
Take Full Control Please Baby Go
Deeper and Deeper and Deeper

[Verse 2:]
You say you would do anything for me (for me)
You know how I kept my everything back for you (for you)
I promise I'll make sure to keep you satisfied
Just trust me baby hold me tight enjoy the ride
(I'm Gonna Drive You Crazy)

[Chorus x2]

Ooo ooo Ooo

I'm Floatin On A Cloud
Each Time (When You Say My Name)
I Wanna Scream Out Loud
Your're Drivin Me Insane


[Chorus x2]

Go Deeper
Go Deeper

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