Kick Me Out

It’s so cold
Opening the door
Trying to walk some other line
I used to walk before
All around me is change and I see
All the places I used to belong
That I don’t wanna be

And the others pointing back at us
Fetishize some golden age that never really was
They manufacture their towns and their sites and their sounds
’Til it all looks alike, you know they make it so easy

Kick me out

You’re not here, are you anymore
When you’re so caught up in how you think it oughta go
That you don’t even know your own song, but
You want us to learn every line and try to sing along

But we don’t wanna carry it around
All your petty morals add up to nothing anyhow
You’re so immersed in your culture of fear
When you fall, I don’t wanna be near
You’re gonna make it so easy

Kick me out

And I’m here talking at myself
Trying to make sense of it all like anybody else
I see it tangled in front of my face
And I wonder sometimes to myself if I can get it straight

But I’d rather be struggling in the haze
Than here among the brutally average for another day
For you it’s all an attempt to escape, and it’s fine
But don’t be so surprised when other people say

Kick me out

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