The Gunbeared

Agent M

Can you hear the voices calling from below ?
The masses wretched and deceived, cries of anger grow
For the evidence is clear, we have been betrayed
Our golden cage was built out of the price we paid

The Elite's arrogance has brought us to the edge
People die by the Gun for living by the Lie they pledge
And now they have a plan to cut the final thread
What they call Oblivion, to take the lives of millions
Freedom will die again...

Behind the Watchtowers the Facility stands
This Line many have crossed, but none came back alive
The Sentinels await me, with their Rifles in trembling hands
Relentless I scale the wall and head into their Hive

With Stealth I raise my Gun as each Shot blows a head
As hours pass I feel my Goal is drawing near
In Silence I progress, he who gets found is dead
I Kill them all and take their arms
without Mercy, without Fear

Beyond the Shadows of Death, into Oblivion I will stride
Until the very last breath, destroy the Weapons that divide

I will seek the Secret down behind the walls
Wings of Fury spreading wide,
I'll make the Sign and raise the Flame
Born to heed no command,
with Rifle and Gun at hand
I will Fight, yes I'll Fight until I Die
The Gunbearer is my Name !!!

[lead : C/both/M]

Another Sentinel shall fall to the ground
Fire before the Guns aligned
Reach another level, stride without a sound
Back to the wall I make the Sign
For what no man can behold will now be Mine !

[lead : M]

Down below in the depths of the Earth
Hides the device of our fall
In my hand the Power to lift the Curse
Freedom or Death for us all
As I go down the stairway to the track
Place my Charge against the walls
The systems down, they won't withstand the Attack
They will Burn up to the Last and explode

[lead : M/C]

The remains of the coming War are burning in the sky
I can now rest assured, no innocent will die
I take a look around with Defiance in my eyes
They could shoot me down, a thousand more would rise...

The Soldiers are after me, this time it could be right
There's only one thing sure, I won't give up without a fight
Unless they fool my senses and catch me in a trap
Then lock me in their caves where there's no way out
Under intense torture I know I wouldn't break
Crying out the Three Words, unleashing their hate
Until they realize they'd get nothing from me
And finally fire the Bullet that would set me free

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