A Long Time Ago (Intro)

Acheron / Vincent Crowley

Aeons ago, a lie was born unto the herds of man
A story of a merciful hero, labeled as our savior
Declared the Son of God, heir of Heaven's throne
Sacrificing his own life to die for mortal sins

Their deceit couldn't win. A beholder of truth appeared
He left his testimony for all the world to see
But the cult of the Nazarene hid his sacred scrolls
Now a modern day Seer reveals what really happene

Curiosidades sobre a música A Long Time Ago (Intro) de Acheron

De quem é a composição da música “A Long Time Ago (Intro)” de Acheron?
A música “A Long Time Ago (Intro)” de Acheron foi composta por Acheron e Vincent Crowley.

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