Lost Your Mind

[Verse One]
Out the gate, four-twenty minutes late
Sorry about the wait, I was in the back posted
Trees got roasted, and I got toasted
The party gon' still get hosted, let's go
Grab somebody, stab somebody
I'm just kiddin have a party, laugh with somebody
We gon' break it down whether you like it or not
I got a human beatbox goin block to block
And we gon' kill that noise, chill dem boys
Deal with them toys, good brother what's crackin?
Open up the candy store and give 'em a taste
My name's Ace, homey you about to get laced

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Y'all people done lost y'all minds
The thought never ran across y'all minds?
Y'know the good shit's hard to find (c'mon)
Well this here's gon' blow yo' motherfuckin brains out

[Verse Two]
Well here we go, two-thousand fo'
And my flow's still tighter than what yours mighta been
Shoulda took a vitamin, or a Vicadin
Ace is on the mic again, door men invite 'em in
This one's on me, this party here's free
As long as you don't make us, bumrush your energy
It's rum on the house, don't get dumb in the house
Cause who the fuck wanna have a gun in they mouth
Life is painful but the party is packed tight
Course some people don't, know how to act right
And for the people's delight, I'm keepin it wrapped tight
I'm keepin my sack tight - is that right? That's right


[Verse Three]
Now rockin this mic is natu-ral
For me to come weak is not allowed
Livin my life underneath the ground
I control the sound, I hold it down
My name is - Ace One, six foot one
Don't leave the studio until the mix get done
I do it for kicks, I do it for fun
I do it all night 'til the mornin sun
See it ain't no question of who is that
It's just the connections of me and my rap
We just too good together baby it's a natural fact
That when I, touch the M.I., there ain't no turnin back
It's like


[Verse Four]
Now homey's got a whole lot on my mind
That's cause I'm always, on the grind
And if I ain't on the mic then I'm on my own time
Or I could be on one or I could be online
But I'm not a web hog, I'm just a mic hog
I'm fin' to set it off for, all my dawgs
And for the people that believed in me, thanks a lot
I owe it all to you, everythang I got
I'm glad I could be here to open up shop
And glad I made it past twenty-six without gettin shot
I think I done found myself a spot
Right between a hard place and a rock
I bet you don't think this is all that hot
But you can shake the spot, whatchu got the game locked?


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