On My Momma

I swear to God I'll never be a fuck nigga
Fuck niggas not to quick to fucks with us
Chopper stretch a muscle like a body builder
Hood say he ratting like a Stewart Little, snitch
Find his little homies in the sewer with him
Fool he think he tough, I got a crew of killers
They not satisfied till their momma miss them
They not satisfied till their momma miss them
These niggas talk tough, gon' get it
Glock will knock off your snap back fitted
Hell yeah, my niggas turned up with it
Hopping out of that four door tinted
Fly nigga like sky miles
Gold chain and my locks down
On my momma, them killers with me
They just loving that gun sound
Fuck room with them, man she's crazy
No matter what, it's fuck you niggas pay me
My Rollie' cost a brick, I swear to God fool
Got so many cars, it's like a drive through

Everyday I gotta hustle bitch, that's on my momma
I gotta keep it G, nothing less than one hundred
My Rolex super flooded, put that on my dog
If she with me, she gon' fuck and suck and all
That's on my momma, that's on my momma
I'm stunting, I'm balling, bitch that's on my momma
This pistol, I keep it, that's on my momma
My niggas, we bout it, that's on my momma

White on white the tray, I call that bitch Madonna
Chevy sits so high, I'm talking marijuana
Counting up a million, damn near caught a boner
Lambo' coming soon, it's like it's Oklahoma
Fuck that I won't spare you nigga, fuck that I won't spare you hoes
Hell yeah I been getting that money, hell nah I won't sell my soul
Put the word on my momma, I never snitched to your honor
My chopper's name is Obama, he bring change when there's drama
I stay hood and I've been that, bad bitch I might tip that
Thief with me I click clack, purple lean I'm gon' sip that
On my momma my click ride, on my momma my niggas ball
In the club bout twenty bottles, hating niggas get pissed off

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Quando a música “On My Momma” foi lançada por Ace Hood?
A música On My Momma foi lançada em 2013, no álbum “Starvation 2”.

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