Battle Scar

I know you can and you should but you won't dear
took out a part of your heart when they don't cheer
was it a medal you got when you woke there?
on your own dear

when you were young you were hung up and lied to
every man with a plan got inside you
was it the bottle you dropped when they found you?
on your own dear

and it's clear right on the page
this is your battlescar
and it's clear, clear as the day
you got your battlescar
hey I know, ya I know, ya I know

now that you're tossed on a sea of emotion
every cut is as deep as the ocean
was it a drag when you woke up so lonesome?
on your own dear

the fun that you don't really need
opens you up like books
and pays you a lot to talk
when you don't even know
this scar will fade in time

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