[Verse One=???]
Pussy, Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
Weed and alcohol it seems to satisfy us all, indeed
Don't even trip, half of you bitches like pussy too
Love to smoke weed and get high, sip,serve
And let the freaky shit up out
And suck the skin off a nigga dick
I's a playa, I's a never had to trick
Stupid fuck put the game down so well
Can have yo bitch playing a good game of suck dick and tell
Nigga don't trip
If you see me creepin' through yo hood
I'm pickin' up a shot of cock, some head, and it's all good
It just might be yo baby momma or sister
But then again,
If it is, you better be tryin' to be a nigga friend
Cuz see I do this shit only one way, nigga the "G" way
Blowin' my hair back, gettin' my dick sucked on the freeway
I never lie on my dick cuz that's a playa rule
Smokin' weed, gettin' drunk
Rockin' shows and then be ready to fuck somethin'


Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
[pussy weed and alcohol]
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
[it seems to satisfy us all]
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
[we livin' like pussy, weed and alcohol]
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
[it seems to sastisfy us all]
Pussy,Pussy--Pussy, Pussy
[that's how we playa's ball]

[Verse Two=???, ???]

I guess these hoes didn't hear me, when I said bitch please
Now it's five years later big faces, big sprees
Talkin' bout bad bitches up in condos
Smokin' mad swishers, bout to get some head pronto
Pussy, weed, and alcohol nigga,
Plus that cash go with it
Double "o" we clockin' hoochies
Stick a bird up in her pussy
Smokin' cryptonite, rollin' in a benz
Souppin' up some tenz
Bout to break 'em for they endz
Tell 'em low man

I'm in a ninty eight, put it out
Gased up to the fullest, b--e-n-z
Two bitches and me
A quarter pounder, weed, and hennessy
They lookin' sexy
From the start they under me
Too tough, I got they hearts pleased
Understand indeed
Ways to get yo ass, through the days
With razor blades
Tight game you'll fade 'em all away
Peeped the laid out
Pussy, weed, and "D" [fellas]
Alcohol and "G" [fellas]
Bitches come in fleets [fellas]
Courtsey on me [fellas]


[Verse Three=Willie D]

Will got him two bad mutherfuckas comin' from out of town
We 'gon ride around
And smoke up about a pound
I'mma show 'em off to my dogs
Make 'em wanna strip 'em
If a freaky ass nigga so desires, he can lick 'em
I'mma do-it, til' they pass out on weed and liquor
I be a 5th Ward Boy from the, uh, bloody nickel
Fast money, fast cars, and fast ass women
Got a whole lot of mutherfuckin' niggas past livin'
Girl, when you do, what you do, it's so beautiful
Stick yo fingers, in yo cat
Uh, and taste yo uterus
It's ludicrous
Yo man couldn't make you swallow
But playas know, fuck the head, and the body and power
Let's get a room, so I can lick that ring on yo belly
And lubricate yo asshole, with jar jelly
Through my pelly, pelly draws
You can lick my balls
Pussy, weed, and alcohol, I love that shit dog

[Willie D= talking]
5th Ward Boyz, Willie D, finally puttin' that shit down together,like
it's supposed to be. And we love fuckin, oh yeah, drankin',smokin',
doing what ever it takes to get a groove on. Me personally, Idon't mind
accommadating a hoe. You know, what you do? What you drank, yousmoke,
you shoot up, what ever the fuck you do. haha. That's yo thangyou know.
Shit, I'll supply you long as you fuckin'. I for one, I do somuch
fuckin' they call me Don King. Ghetto

Pussy, pussy, pussy is so good to me...

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