Who's That

"I don't mind telling you,
I've had three of my best men tailing you for
the past two weeks trying to find out just who you really are."
"Who's that" <-- scratched by DJ Storm
"Who's that" <-- scratched by DJ Storm
"DJ Storm"
"Who's that" <-- scratched by DJ Storm
"Shades of Culture"
"Who's that" <-- scratched by DJ Storm

[Revolution] {D-Shade}
Hello good evening, I'm the Revolution
Won't you sit down and let me tell you about a person
Who lives inside of me like an altered E-G-O
Alternate personality from the one you already know
{Your name is Brad}
B-R-A-D, last name access excess(?)
Straight from the battlefield tower where the MC
Don't sit next to me, if your stressing
Learned you lesson, I know they are few
But you should {still count your blessings}
Fuck off you might catch a bruise from the muse I deliver
Get under your skin like a sliver
Mad izms, I don't use skizms
You already tasted the jism, so kick the spider licks
She flirts, then I squirt just for kicks
So chicks with big breasts go great with Ritz
Crackers, yes I am a slacker
Old school fool with this mind Fritz the Cat as backer
Fuck your mental, paid the monthly rental
So cook you like a lental, {but you ain't yental}
Ayo, them so words felt good compared
to what I'll drill to ya if you play games with the crew
Snoops up buckle up, wear a cup 'cause it's kickin'
Groin, you're much less in french, moin
A lower level devil, I better with a mic chisel
Chew you like grissel, your life looks dismal

CHORUS [D-Shade]
Tell me who is the crew with the flavour that's fat
"Who's that" "the Shades up to bat"
Tell me who is the crew with the flavour that's fat
"Who's that" "the Shades up to bat"

[D-Shade] {Revolution}
Now when I flow, I get funky from the heart to the soul jack
Hungry like the wolf, so I feed upon a {fat track}
What dem can't see is them gal that we weed
Deliver upon the sound, them done call it SOC
So ayo, check your pocket ready to rock it
Alright check it,
it's the Darker Shade of Culture on your block, now you're lookin'
At me doing it my way, like Frank Sinatra
Kick, trip and flip the script right to you like a cotter(?)
See each and everytime we rap, we rap a little better
Than the other time we rapped and in your face we see the {pleasure}
But there always seems to be one out of many
Trying to play the crew with the blues, Mr. Friendly
But he can go and give a flying fuck
If I sling the slang, yeah it's either that or drug
I'm headed straight for the {head}, like fist that your {lead}
On your way to saying somehthing that you knew you would regret
Wanna bet that I can get stiff with a mic check
Never let a sucker get this 'til it's wreck
When I connect with a left and a right, I keep my herbs tight
Told you that tonight that the SOCs are gonna take flight
So now you know, like ah Bell Biv Devoe
And like Tina Turner we don't need another hero
So, cheerio I got to go with the flow
But just before we go, let me ????? you ought to know
The exercise you get is from jumping to conclusions
Step to the pack, you're leaving with a contusion
I stepping and stressing without the words to provoke
Yo, and when this shit is done, do you smell smoke?

CHORUS [Revolution]

[D] Give props to the crew with the flavours that are fat
[R] 1-51 is up to bat
[D] Give props to the crews with the flavours that are fat
[R] The Greenland crew is up to bat
[D] Yo give props to the crews with the flavours that are fat
[R] The crew called bliss is up to bat
[D] Who's that over there getting busy with the tracks
[R] The producer DJ Choice with beats that are fat

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