Another Wasted Year

Toast your glass up high to the new year. I'll pray for better days. hold your
lover tight and tell your lie.
In 3 months you won't remember his name. 12 months, a crush I couldn't kill. I said
one thing, now I'm wiping tears from my eyes. your
damn right I feel stupid. retarded schoolboy

crush. dreaming about you every night. what should
I tell her? it doesn't matter now. what should
I tell her? it was all just a waste of time. what should
I say? it doesn't matter anymore it all faded away. I'll tape up
my heart. one minute, you didn't care and ripped it all apart.
I sat by the phone all night. waiting and praying to hear your voice.

Another day I killed myself over you.
it's just not worth it. (I'm over you this time I
know that it is just not worth it.) this year's the last one
that I'll waste on you. I never promised that I would always be your fool.
It's just a waste of time.

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