K Through 12

Now I look back at my life
And all the things I've done
Wasted away in a room
This hell has just begun
They teach about your future life
And the good times up ahead
If it doesn't get any better than this
I'd better end up dead

Say that you are shaping us
For our future goals
Point us in the wrong direction
Selling off our souls
Say it's for our benefit
So that we will end up well
You can never make up
For 12 long years of hell

I can't believe you try to tell me
It's for my own good
Just because your life is screwed
Doesn't mean ours should
Say that you love your job
You're in it for the kids
Then why is it when you wake up
You wish you never did

Think you're doing us a favor
By coming to your class
Bitching at us about everything
Calling us selfish brats
We're the ones who are trapped
Inside this vacancy
If we try to speak our mind
To the principals office please

Being allowed to freely think
You know it's not allowed
There is no individuality
Start acting like the crowd
Threaten that you'll fail me
And that I'll flunk your class
We'll I'll tell you what to do
Shove that rule book up your ass

Thinking for yourself
Shouldn't be a crime
Teaching us useless stuff
Wasting all our time
Well if it were up to me
I'd burn it all to the floor
Then I'd do what I want
Can't waste my time anymore

Moral of this story
Don't let your life just waste
Do what you wanna do
You should choose your fate
If they try and hold you down
Don't put of with the shit
It is all your own life
It's how you deal with it

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