We'll Make It To Saybrook

Our demands are all in order now.
long nights and street fights
mark our faces for the long ride home.
grab the wheel and drive me to the coast
let your voice ring out
for these ears that are ready to listen.
with hands raised high
I think we're on to something tonight.

turn it up a notch
I can't hear the beating of the drums.
I won't let this song die.
what it's all about
is the moment that we're in right now.
so sing it now and sing it proud
sing it out loud.

So say hello
to the new sound.
as the streets unfold
showing us our new home.
...and no one will let us go
to live the dream
and let us live life on our own.

Take a step left with me
and watch as I
move, dance, groove with the beat
it's easy to ignore
what you can't see
Whether we're welcome or not
when we hit the road.
"forever" will blotch
the canvas, the note
that carries our fate
and all that we've known
we'll tear out our insides
and mail our hearts back home

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