Amazin'(feat. Kandice Love)

Chad Hugo / J.T. Tiny Smith

[LL Cool J]
C'mon, and you don't stop (here go another one)
Uhh, uhh, and you don't stop (here go another one)
Uhh, uhh, and you don't stop (here go another one)
(Feel me baby, it's on)

Uhh, I was launched off the block, straight to the top
To yachts with helicopters, I'm so hot
Paparazzi, blinded by the rocks
My limousine roll up, the whole world shocked cause
you steppin out with an entrepeneur
I copped you more than what you bargained for
Roll the red carpet, enjoy the profits
First, let's make love in the walk-in closet
Daddy just made a nine digit deposit
Believe me sweetie, it's not luck it's logic
I'm the captain of my destiny
Used to dream of the things I was blessed to see
The jewels and the papers, sports cars and such
There's nothing in the world LL can't touch
You stood by my side and pushed me so much
That's why you got them 10 karats, you know what?

[Chorus: Kandice Love]
It's so amazing, amazing, amazing
Life's given my baby, my baby, my baby
Maybe some day you'll feel, how I feel, it's crazy
To see my baby.. is so amazing

[LL] Sing it baby

[Kandice Love]
I've got riches wall to wall
Up the stairs and, down the hall of
all the things that we have done
You got more ideas for us to
live our lives.. and explore..
There is no topping you, you're untoppable


[LL Cool J - over Chorus]
So what you sayin? Uh-huh
Hehehe, I appreciate it

[Kandice Love]
It's so amazing, your love, to me
It's so amazing, amazing, to me
It's so amazing, your love, to me
It's so amazing, amazing, to me

It's alright..
Sometimes you work late at night (I know baby)
(I miss you too)
Just as long, as you don't defy my love
Then it's on (I promise you baby)
(I'll always love you)

[LL Cool J]
Uh, uh, slide out to Venice, my game's in order
Would chip in to vent, but the city's on water
Searchlights and fireworks bling the sky
A vowel on the end of everything we buy
Yellow ice in both ears, I loosen up the tie
I'm lovin this lifestyle, baby I can't lie
It feels so good it make a grown man cry
Cause I made it out the hood and a lot of my crew died
I guess I had determination
And baby girl kept me in the congregation
Now it's private jets and deep conversation
Hundred G's a month to show appreciation
All eyes on us, the cameras flash
In God We Trust, I don't love this cash
But you was definitely - by my side when my world collapsed
Now I'm, rich for life and I'm payin you back

[Amerie ad libs]


[LL Cool J - over Chorus]
This is like this for life baby
This gon' always be like this
God is my witness
Hold you tight for the rest of my life
There's nothing I won't do for you baby
I'm your man, I'm your man
Our love is amazing, yeah

[Amerie] It's so, amazing, to me

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De quem é a composição da música “Amazin'(feat. Kandice Love)” do Ll Cool J?
A música “Amazin'(feat. Kandice Love)” do Ll Cool J foi composta por Chad Hugo e J.T. Tiny Smith.

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