Fuego (Co Starring Funky)

Eh yo i turned off the tv it sounds so lame
Cause when they speak it all sounds so same
They say hope and that they got change
But it goes over my head like rogaine
I don't care if i'm just no name
I wanna burn like a slow flame of propane
These things of the world is no gain
I'll take jesus keep the rope chain
The whole thing is a such a paradigm
That keeps me on my knees just in my prayer time
It's a mess man the whole nine
Just in recession like donald trumps hairline
So i'm back on my grind
Stepped off the mic to give him the airtime
But i'm fine when i keep a clear mind
And stay up above it all just like the airlines

We've gathered to come back at it
Come on the track just to take a stab at it
He'll take a life that's breaking down shattered
And do much more than break ya bad habits
So what i got is the grace now added
And i fiend for the rock just like a crack addict
Whether or not you think that mattered
I'm ready to be used like go go gadget

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